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Large LCD display advanced fully- automatic computerized cardiopulmonary resuscitation training manikin

Large LCD display for artificial ventilation, external compression and pulse cardiogram;
Simulated airway and lingual prompt;
Indicator for external compression, LCD display, lingual prompt for error operation;
(1) Indicator for correct and error compression position.
(2) Yellow, green, red display for indicating the CPR compression tension, correct: (4-5cm), error:(<4-5cm).
Indicator for artificial ventilation, LCD display, lingual prompt;
(1) Blowing quantity <= 500ml~600ml <=by yellow, green, red digital indicator for presenting correct or error operation with lingual prompt;
Compression to artificial ventilation: 30:2
Compressing frequency: 100 per min per the latest international standard
Operation modes: Initial trainee; Individual, Duo
Operation time: Counting by second
Time setting: adjustable
.Lingual setting: on and off function and volume setting
Printing function of operation results
Simulated pupils recovers to normal upon the successful operation
Simulated carotid pulses upon the successful operation
Power supply: 220V with transformer output to 24V.

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