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High class fully- automatic computerized cardiopulmonary resuscitation training manikin

The products of CPR4 were designed in accordance with the international CPR standard.
It adopts the modern 2-in-1 auto processor with the new model dummy, encased in the luxury stiff plastic box.
It is the sixth generation computer controlled CPR manikin.

Simulated airway
External cardiac compression
Artificial ventilation - Mouth to mouth
Operation modes: Initial trainee, Individual, Duo
Indicator function: digital display of the operation situations
Error calculating
120 seconds counting forwards in booting up
Auto lingual prompt in operation
Compressing frequency setting
Simulated carotid pulses upon the successful operation
Simulated pupils recovers to normal upon the successful operation
Simulated heart resumes beating upon the successful operation
Printing function of operation results

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