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Advanced half body cardiopulmonary resuscitation training manikin

The sixth generation of CPR200S is instructed by the country authority,
was the effort by our professional technicians. It is particularly designed for society initial CPR all-pervading and
medical schools and groups as an economic manikin.

Simulated airway
Indicator and alarm for external compression:
Indicator and alarm for correct and error compression position.
Indicator and alarm for compression tension, correct: (4-5cm), error:(<4-5cm).
Indicator and alarm for artificial ventilation:
Blowing quantity <=150ml~200ml<= indication and alarm;
Blowing quantity is in 150ml~200ml, correct indication
Rush or excess blowing and into stomach has indication and alarm
Compression to artificial ventilation: 30:2
Compressing frequency: 100 per min per the latest international standard
Operation modes: Initial trainee; Individual, Duo
Simulated pupils for mydriasis and meiosis comparison
Carotid checking: manual compression sphere for simulated carotid
Power supply: 220V with transformer output to 6V. Or four 1A batteries for outdoor usage.

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