Taiwan Poland Consulting, Hug IDEA, is a company that integrates servicing trade transactions and organizing a new market (Chinese or Polish) expansion.  Our main goal is to assist clients in developing business contacts with either Chinese or Polish business partners. 

Our service is more complete and provides better value to our clients.  Besides offering solutions we also take on the process of execution and implementation. Furthermore, we design individually tailored solutions in order to fully respond to their needs.  This attitude has secured us various business relations which we further utilize to our clients’ benefit.
Our services:

Servicing the import of commodities from China and Taiwan
Our service is aimed at Polish companies willing to import different commodities from China and Taiwan.  We offer a comprehensive approach to the whole process of conducting business with Chinese entities.  We can either prepare an individually tailored analysis which would include recommendations on how to proceed with a transaction on a step-by-step basis.  In this case we would perform all the tasks necessary to close the whole process of importing a commodity.  Not only is it a guarantee that the transaction will be conducted professionally, but it also reduces the risk of committing an error or neglecting a crucial element.
The service consists of separate stages:

  • Market research
  • Careful examination of chosen companies
  • Importing sample products
  • Preparing an estimate of total cost of the transaction
  • Step-by-step recommendations
  • Managing the transaction

Sales of goods on the Polish market
The service is addressed to all Chinese companies interested in selling their products in Poland.  We offer a complex consultation which includes market potential analysis, finding clients and partners as well as assistance during negotiations. 

Our assistance enables effective and professional sales of goods in Poland with no need to establish a representative office or hire an agent.  In addition, due to the experience and connections with us, all such activities become more efficient.

The sales of goods service includes two elements:
  • preparation of analysis for given segments
  • searching for clients and business partners
The detailed shape will depend on individual cases and the clients’ requirements.  Below we present the general description and conditions of cooperation.

Analysis of a segment potential
The service includes preparation of report which describes possibilities of sales of goods in Poland in a given area.  It becomes useful when assessing potential profit of the undertaking.  It is also necessary when planning type and scope of expansion on the Polish market. The report may include the following:

  • current and potential size of the market
  • analysis of competition
  • financial analysis of the investment
  • SWOT analysis
  • potential customer base analysis
  • address base of potential customers
  • preliminary market research based on contacts and relations with customers
  • market research among entrepreneurs
  • legal requirements
  • logistics research
  • European expansion possibilities assessment

Customers and business partners search

The service is addressed to Chinese companies considering sales of their products on the Polish market — it includes customers and business partners search.  Taiwan Poland Consulting, Hug IDEA, will thereby take over all of the activities related to finding proper cooperating institutions.

The advantage of the offer is the payment conditions.  In that case we operate on success fee bases — it means, we expect payment only in the case when cooperating partners have successfully finalized a transaction.

Our engagement does not have to be limited to partners search — we can assist during business negotiations and on further steps of business activity.

Investment in Poland
Our service is offered to these Chinese enterprises that are interested in carrying out their investment in Poland.  We provide a complex service of the regarding all the processes that aim at effective organization and management of business expansion on the Polish market.

Our experience and the knowledge of Polish market and economic situation guarantee a professional investment care.  We provide a precise description of an investment processes in Poland as well assistance during its implementation.

As the result of our assistance the investment will be well planned, tailored to the client’s demand, and adopted to the Polish environment.
The elements of investment organization process:

  • legal assistance
  • assistance during the site selection process
  • cost effectiveness analysis
  • market research
  • representation and contact with the administration
  • recommendation for further investment

Workshops on Chinese and Polish culture
This offer is addressed to all those interested in doing business in China, Taiwan and Poland.  We provide a training and workshop which relates to cultural differences and the specific negotiation skills which become useful when dealing with the Chinese and Polish counterparts.

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